LF is a CLI file manager easy to use




1.1 Install LF on Mac OSX with brew

brew install lf

1.2 Start lf from term


1.3 Shortcut keys

q                       For quit

left/right arrow key    Exit/Enter folder, or open file
up/down arrow key       Change selected file or folder
gg                      goto first file
G                       goto last file
H                       goto highest line of screen 
M                       goto middle of screen
L                       goto lowest line of screen

v                       Select/Unselect all
u                       Unselect all
c                       Clear select and copy etc
space key               Select/Unselect current file

y                       Copy the selected files
d                       Cut the selected files
p                       Paste the copied files

/                       Find by name
s                       Active sort commands
st          {{sort by time}}
ss          {{sort by size}}
sn          {{sort by nature}}

w                       Enter bash shell
e                       Edit current file with vim
r                       Rename current file
:                       Run command
:filter  df             Only show files containing "df" inside file name
:global-select hand*    Select all files match pattern "hand*"
m => :mark-save         Save a mark to current folder for fast goto this folder

:cmaps                  Show shortcut key maps
:doc                    Show document for LF

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